20 Amazing Interior Design Tips to Decorate Your Home

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Designing a home, whether it is a remodel or a new build, is an opportunity for any homeowner to explore new horizons and express their innermost desires. This is what makes the job of an interior designer so fun and extremely important.

However, narrowing down your favourite design style and decor ideas to fit the theme can be difficult. Smart home technology has been more popular in recent years, but this year it seems to have reached a peak. In a "smart house," you'll be able to control things like the TV, stereo, smart lighting, drapes, and more with the tap of the screen.

That is why today we would be discussing top interior design tips to aid you in your quest to design your new home with glamor while retaining your reflection of the homeowner.

20 Top Interior Design Tips for Beginners and Professionals:

These design tips can be applied to any room in your home, be it the bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, parlour, or any room you deem fit to style. So, let's take it component wise today. You can decide what goes according to your preferences. That is why today we would be discussing top interior design tips to aid you in your quest to design your new home with glamor while retaining your reflection of the homeowner.

1. Whimsy Is Always Welcome

Whimsical wallpapers aren't just for kids' rooms. Although favoured for them to aid brain development and provide comfort, a whimsical wallpaper can be quite the conversation starter in any room.

You don't have to go all out with wacky ducks or talking chimps but choose something that appeals to you while still providing the X-factor to your decorating ideas. If you live near Hyderabad and want to design your home interior, you can visit the link to find Cheaper Interior Designers in Hyderabad.

2. Revitalize What You Have

You've heard, 'One man's junk is another man's fortune.' Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be the other guy's stuff. Take stuff you have, whether it's old furniture, a pile of wood pellets, discarded curtains, upholstery, anything really, and repurpose it.

You can make a coffee table or bedside table out of junk wood. Or you can reuse an old side table, add some linens and cushions to it and add it to your seating area. A little DIY goes a long way in turning an old, useless item into a new piece of home decor.

3. Murals and Wall Arts Can Add Character

We all know that art adds charm to any room. All you need is a little creativity and desire to brighten up your home with wall art. You don't need to spend a ton of money on a statement piece to make a grand spectacle. If you've walked around New York, you've seen beautiful murals up and down the tunnels, sometimes even on the streets. Why not pick up a brush and paint yourself?

4. Create A Focal Point to Show Off the Best Stuff

You can have a minimalist theme in your home and still make it look glamorous. Who says minimalism doesn't involve specifications?

You can adopt a simple lifestyle and shop at flea markets for your home decor but create a focal point for cool stuff. Maybe you made something in the woodshop, or maybe your spouse gifted you a beautiful painting from their travels, or maybe you acquired an antique breakfront. You can subtly show this by carving out a section dedicated to the focal point.

5. Bring the Room to Life with Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference. You can turn a dull room into a disco ball if you use the right kind of lighting.

LEDs are all the rage these days, and you should investigate some gradient lighting for heroics. There are also pendant lights that add romantic ambiance and ambiance to any room. Not to mention, you can make DIY sconces or use string lights for a little kick. Then there are chandeliers that can make a room feel elegant, no matter the square footage.

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6. Introduce Natural Elements

A follow up on our previous point but with a slight twist. Incorporate natural elements such as plants, woodwork, succulents, etc. into your design style. They not only light up your home but are also great sources of air purification and vitality.

Furniture pieces made of natural wood such as coffee table, dining table, headboard etc., have a rustic design and minimalist look, which makes the room look more attractive. With the neat designs on these pieces, you can invoke a contemporary room design as well.

7. Get Creative with Switchboards and Fixtures

With new and improved designs hitting the market every day, shop for new switchboards and fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom. Embrace new design trends and turn boring rooms into future design inspiration for others.

8. Antiques Bring Elegance

There's no arguing that an antique piece of furniture or an old area rug can really spruce up a place. What's more, they look pretty wherever you put them.

You can add them to your living room or parlor where you entertain guests, thus starting conversations. You can add an antique bookshelf to your home office or study as you please. You can also add antiques to your bedroom design to remind yourself that you are a treasure just like the exquisite piece in front of you.

9. Colour Up What You Don’t Like

What do you do with a dull room? Decorate it with colour.

When choosing a colour palette for your interior design, don't limit yourself to standard paint colours. Take it to the next level by mixing samples and adding gradients. We hear that the 50-150 rule is fast becoming a favourite colour trick for interior designers around the world.

Be it the walls or a piece of furniture, just add a little colour to it and make it brand new.

10. Don’t Ignore the Ceiling

Ceiling patterns have become the new design inspiration of this era.

You don't need to add a mirror there if you don't want to. Frankly, we think they're dangerous. However, you can always spruce it up with some customized paint jobs, murals, effects, even wallpaper if you want.

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11. Symmetry Isn’t Your Only Friend

Introduce some contrast in your decorating ideas. You can use alternative design trends or simply add some gradients and textures to the overall room.

Play with the home decor items and find the right balance. Just a few textiles on the walls or geometric patterns without clear lines can be very enticing, not to mention, eye-catching.

12. Add Illusions and Effects

The effects aren't limited to the ceiling. You can pair them with some creative lighting or DIY patterns on the walls. There are many ideas shared by 'blossom' that you can use.

You've surely come across DIY lampshades that create the illusion of different cities or creatures like we used to do with shadow puppets. You can easily make them at home or buy them at flea markets.

13. Why Not Have A Bar in The House?

Make your home the center of social gatherings instead of wasting thousands of dollars at bars across town. All you need to do is carve out a corner in the living room for an open plan kitchen or home bar.

Get a wooden bar island, preferably one with a built-in sink. Stock shelves behind it, add some ambient yellow lighting, and you've got a hangout spot in the comfort of your own home.

14. Tall Furniture in Small Spaces

Adding tall furniture pieces to small or low-impact rooms creates the illusion of a spacious living space. You can use bookshelves, cabinets or even floor-length textiles hanging from the ceiling like tapestries.

15. Instill Quirky Textures and Upholstery

You really should consider textured upholstery in your seating area. They not only feel comfortable, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your furniture.

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16. Metals Are Trendy

Copper fixtures, stainless steel appliances, metal frames, brass lampstands are all very on trend. They make the room look rustic and elegant all at once. You might even think about introducing the steampunk design trend into your living room or dining room for added effect.

17. Don’t Underestimate Curtains

Window treatments aren't just for windows anymore. We are not suggesting blinds and shutters in the living space, but long curtains made of high-quality fabrics and incredible designs can go a long way in exploring new horizons.

You can hang them from the ceiling like room dividers or drape them around a window, or even install them around a tub or shower stall for a hint of elegance.

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18. Create an Illusion of Larger Spaces

We cannot stress enough how reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass decorative items can make a small room seem larger. The reflective property of light enhances corners in small spaces. This is a great way to create the illusion of extra square footage where none exists.

19. Invest in Alternative Seating Arrangements

Minimalist and Asian home design often makes use of pillows and cushions around the coffee table. This concept can be further explored to add day beds, foldable furniture, soft rugs in front of the fireplace and low-bearing seaters.

20. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Deep and Dark

The monochromatic dark theme is trendy as well as functional. They make a room feel modern and adapted for futuristic living. With some gradient lighting and wall art, you can use darker colour schemes for better efficiency and style.


Use the tips above for perfect home decor to make sure that your home is a beautiful and serene place to live in. Even for someone who knows very little about interior design, there is a lot to learn. The use of space, the use of lines, and the combination of art, furniture, colour palettes, and fabrics make the art of interior decorating quite a comprehensive task.

These most popular interior design styles are all impressive, taking form and function to new levels and building on styles that bring joy and warmth to the people who live in these spaces.

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