How to Add Texture in a Room

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If you are a person who is looking to decorate your interior not only with colours but also by adding texture in a room. You may know that a texture design has power to bring more depth to a home interior.

If you don’t know the real meaning of texture, well in short, it is the physical feel of something which can be rough, smooth, slimy, and fuzzy etc.

These are some useful textures decorating ideas to improve Living Room Decor. You can choose to makeover according to your comfort and requirement.


15 Cool Ways to Decorate with Texture

1. Add Modern Wooden Desk

First thing you can do in a way to decorate with texture is just change your normal study desk into a natural wooden tone desk with industrial style.

2. White Colour Bricks Wall

A white brick texture wall can also give an expensive look to your living room. If it is not possible to have a physical wall then choose a wallpaper design like this one, it will not give physical feel but visual texture. 

3.  Don’t Leave the Rugs 

It is one of most important elements of home decor. It makes your space cozier and more elegant. There are a lot of different types of rugs available in the market like bohemian, fluffy, etc. 

Carpets and rugs are not easy to maintain, you should have some knowledge of DIY Carpet Cleaning, so it can thrive in your home for a long time. 

4. Welcome Bamboo Plant 

People have questions on how to decorate with texture in a small room? Well, Bamboo plants have tall and physically textured bodies with leaves. You can easily keep it in the corner of any small room. 

5. Velvet sofa or Cover

We all know velvet is a very expensive material, it has a very smooth and soft texture. You can buy velvet sofas or covers not only to add texture in the living room but also for luxury.

6. Hang Macrame on Wall

A Macrame can add wall texture to your room. It gives a three-dimensional look with softness inside your interior space. Try some interesting Wall Decor Ideas for any room.

7. Get Wooden Accent Coffee Table 

A simple natural wooden tone coffee table is a good way to make your living room cozier.

8. Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

If you are renovating your kitchen then go for rustic cabinet design. It will give the feel of country living.

9. Wooden Panels Flooring

Go little classy with simple wooden floor design. Its texture makes you more comfortable than before. There are lots of Floor Designs with wooden texture in various tones. You can choose according to your taste.

10. Effect of Neutral Tiles

Don’t limit the tiles only to the kitchen and bathroom. Use neutral for more depth and dimension in the space.

11. Hang Plastic Rattan Light 

 Hang a rattan design light to add texture in your dining room. Go for the back color if you have a white room, it will make it classier as well. Check out some stunning Dining Room Lightings for more options.

12. Concrete Wall Texture

Ever thought? The concrete can be considered as interior wall texture. Well, it not only has cement tone but their walls look like art.

13. Wood Floating Shelf

It's time to reclaim wooden shelves for your living room. Mounting one side of the wall spared its cosines.

14. Stone Featuring Wall

stone featuring bedroom wall texture has potential to take the interior to the next level. It gives more depth in the room. 

For these types of unique work, you have to hire some Low-Cost Interior Designers in Bangalore if you have a house in this city.

15. Use Bamboo Blinds for Windows

Why not shift to bamboo roll up blinds? It has an added texture and also perfect for nature lovers.

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