20 Dining Room Ideas So Good, Your Guests Won't Want to Leave

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Better to do so only against a stylish backdrop than to enjoy a meal surrounded by your friends and family. In your dining room, you can create a dreamy setting that you and your guests will never want to leave. To make sure it is the ideal setup for dinner parties and everyday use.

We've rounded up some of the best dining room decor examples we've ever seen in a variety of styles—modern to industrial, traditional to eclectic, and beyond. Lighting is the new way to enhance the beauty of any place. Nowadays, modern dining room lighting trends are getting popular among the house owners. Whether you're looking to redesign or just need a little inspiration, we've got a designer-approved blueprint for you to recreate at home.

Get ready to take notes on these stunning dining room decorating ideas. They're sure to impress anyone who enters (no matter how inedible the pot roast—jokingly!).

20 Dining Room Ideas So Good, Your Guests Won't Want to Leave

Strikingly Modern Dining Rooms That Inspire You to Entertain

1. Fake a Banquette

For a comfortable seating arrangement, fake half a banquette. In this dining room, designer Liz Cain paired a cushy vintage sofa—which has plenty of pillows for back support—with a set of dining chairs to give the room a cozy yet welcoming feel. If you want to renovate your dining room this Diwali, you hire the affordable Interior Designers in Coimbatore. Click the link to visit the website.

Fake a Banquette

2. Make It Pink

Once used as a greenhouse, the dining room in the Amsterdam home of actors Candice van Houten and Guy Pearce is romantic yet playful. Added a bubblegum pink dining table by Sabine Marselis and pink striped Roman shades. The purple curtains match the walls and ceiling, giving the room an overall sophisticated yet lively feel.

Make It Pink

3. Choose a Mural Wallcovering

Tell a story or make a bold impact with a mural wall, such as this one by Vausa in a custom colorway called Menagerie Chinoiserie. Designer Courtney McLeod covered a table and chairs in performance velvet with an acrylic topper that "shimmers and adds glam."

Choose a Mural Wallcovering

4. Play Up the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

Keep it simple yet inviting with the dining room Coastal Grandma Queen Nancy Meyers would surely approve. Featuring a large wicker pendant, neutral chairs, and a textured rug, this dining room from designer Kari Arendsen is a prime example.

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Choose a Mural Wallcovering

5. Give It an Ancient Feel

To enhance the aged feel of a barrel-vaulted ceiling made of Jerusalem stone in the dining room of a Florida home, designer Lauren Lees incorporated antiques, including tables, chairs, art, and limestone floors.

Give It an Ancient Feel

6. Go Red

Make a statement with cherry red wall paint, red dining chairs, and a red rug. Elevate the look with gold accents like the chandelier, mirror, and console table in this formal dining room.

Go Red

7. Add a Contemporary Fireplace

If a full-blown mantel isn't your style, opt for a more contemporary fireplace to heat your dining room. The slick in this kitchen by the interior designer makes it feel like both a living room and a dining room. Extra candles on the dining table add to the atmosphere.

Add a Contemporary Fireplace

8. Turn It into a Tasting Room

If you're a wine enthusiast but don't have room for a separate cellar, let your dining room double as a place to store your collection. Built-in cubbies along one wall should do the trick in this room designed by Pam Schneider and architects Pospisil & Brown Architects.

Turn It into a Tasting Room

9. Focus on Texture

With textured accents like wicker Roman shades and a hand-woven rug, you can easily turn up the heat in your dining room. Keep the overall look simple with patterned curtains in neutral colours and wood accents, like in this dining room designed by interior designers.

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Focus on Texture

10. Think About Trim

Whether it's on your dining chairs or along your walls, trim can instantly upgrade any space. Just take it from this dining room designed by Kallman & Kravis, which has gold trim that wraps around the room and mimics the gold accents along the base of the dining table.

Think About Trim

11. Add an Unexpected Detail

Designer Keita Turner brought the dining room to life in this Brooklyn apartment by giving it unexpected details, like one of four mismatched chairs and a geometric mural that plays well with the burnt-orange walls around it.

Add an Unexpected Detail

12. Separate It with a Built-In Screen

Welcome light and airflow to your dining room with louvered oak panels, as seen in this North Carolina beach house by interior designer. The built-in screen provides some isolation while maintaining a spacious atmosphere.

Separate It with a Built-In Screen

13. Balance Warmth with Formality

A matching table and chair set harmonizes in this eclectic dining nook designed by Ariane Bethea. Bolster pillows and custom throws make the corner extra comfortable and multi-purpose. Although it sounds tailored, it is still approachable and warm.

Balance Warmth with Formality

14. Separate Zones with Ceiling Wallpaper

A sunny shade of sisal wallpaper connects the open kitchen to the dining room and separates it from the sitting area in this great living room designed by Haldan Interiors.

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Separate Zones with Ceiling Wallpaper

15. Think Outside the Obvious Layout Options

An offset, extra-large circular table flatters the shape of a window nook without appearing too cramped, as it's neither cramped right over the windows nor smack dab in the middle of the room. While the colours are muted and the ingredients are understated, the geometric shapes add intrigue throughout.

Think Outside the Obvious Layout Options

16. Enable Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Kingston Lafferty Design created an indoor/outdoor dining room by extending a built-in table at both ends of the wall. They are connected by a large window with accordion glass doors for seamless flow when the large parties are dining and are visible by glazed tiles. Visually, they are a stylish statement and on the outside, a durable, weatherproof material. Plants also make two places feel as if they are interacting with each other.

Enable Indoor/Outdoor Flow

17. Stay Nimble

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or you are designing a guest area in your home, this micro dining room designed by Heidi Callier will get you headed in the right direction. A slim antique table can seat four if needed (there's an extra stool in the sitting area on the left, not pictured here), But otherwise the floor plan is wedged against the wall to open. When not being used for working or eating it can act as a makeshift kitchen island and preparation area.

Stay Nimble

18. Build a Library Wall

Animate walls while maximizing storage space with a custom wall-to-wall bookshelf in the dining room. Not only will this guarantee talking points at mealtime, but it also eliminates the need to invest in expensive wall art for the dining room, a bookcase adding lots of colour and style.

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Build a Library Wall

19. Customize a Banquette

Custom back cushions that match the seats create both cosiness and comfort in this dining nook designed by Royal Arc Designss. Wood wall panelling warms up the darker elements and reflects the more comfortable chairs at the table.

Customize a Banquette

20. Make Vintage Chairs Comfy with Cushions

Spice up a gallery wall with different sized frames and a contrasting pop of colour in between. If you've opted for an eclectic array of vintage chairs, make them feel comfortable with tie-on cushions, as Devin Kirk did in this playful dining room.

Make Vintage Chairs Comfy with Cushions

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