Try These 15 Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas At Your Home

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Diwali brings to our mind the pictures of beautifully lit courtyards. It is a festival of lights, colours, and sweets. The many colours of the lamps indicate joyful feelings in us. We share the sweetness of life through sweets. As we all know that Diwali is associated with the victory of good over evil.

Lights are a symbol of goodness and positive energy and if you think about it then Diwali is really all about spreading positive vibes. We give each other presents, we decorate homes with lights and flowers, and we wear new clothes in anticipation of better times in the future. So, this year decorate your home with these unique Diwali decoration ideas.

Let's light up this Diwali with some fresh self-decor ideas. Read on to learn more about different ways to decorate your home and patios with household items. This way, you can try something new on decorations and save a lot of money that otherwise could have been less on decoration expenses.

It is always fun to keep the house clean and decorated with Diwali lights. Still, you don't have new ways to embellish. Here we bring you a bunch of easy-to-do Diwali decoration ideas that you can use to style your home during the festivities. to keep track!

How To Decorate Home for Diwali?

Coloured paper, string lights, flowers, tea lights, divas, wine bottles, mason jars, glasses and cotton threads are some of the things that we are going to use in our Diwali ideas i.e., DIY. All of these are either household ingredients or are available in stores near you. These are all cheap things. Apart from these, you will need basic things like glue, scissors and so on. Let's get started and have a look at the Diwali decoration ideas for home handmade!!

No Diwali decoration is ever done without string lights. These are inexpensive and safe-to-handle LED lights and are available in many colours and colour-changing varieties. String lights also give us a whole new set of Diwali decoration ideas. The time for boring lights has passed. Now let's go for the atmosphere that the lights can create. That's why we wind flashy lights around anything and everything to create new art in lights.

Top 15 Latest Diwali Decoration Ideas For Home Sweet Home

1. Hula Hoop Chandeliers

Randomly wind string lights around the hula hoop to create a beautiful chandelier that can be hung to add a festive mood to your living room. This is the perfect Diwali decoration idea for the living room. These lights work great both indoors and outdoors. They're also perfect for quick party decorations while you're at it. You will only need to get a hoop to twine the lights. So, try these Diwali Home Decoration Lights to give a glam look to your home this year.

2. Thread Lanterns

Thread lanterns are very easy to make and are incredibly great with lights. To make the lantern you will need some glue like fevicol, a bowl, balloons, cotton thread and water. Go back to your childhood days and experience arts and crafts at home. These Diwali decoration items are made at home with only a few things.

First, mix a little water and a little glue in a bowl. Put all the yarn in it and keep it aside for a few minutes. Then, take a blown-up balloon and start twisting the yarn around it tightly and randomly until you get the pattern you want. Let the glue dry for a few hours. When it's all dry, burst the balloon and take it out of the lantern. Put string lights in it and hang it anywhere you want. Aren't these great Diwali decoration ideas for home without spending a lot of money?

3. Mason Jar Lights

String lights can be inserted into almost anything. Grab some mason jars and fill them with lights. Now all you must do is find the right place to hang them. Like hula-hoop chandeliers, these too are excellent for home Diwali decoration ideas. Try these home decoration ideas for Diwali this festive season.

4. Paper cup Lights

Light up has never been easier. Make small crisscross cuts at the base of the paper cups and light through them. This way the paper cups act as lampshades giving the lights a different look altogether. You will like this Diwali decoration ideas.

5. Bottle Lights

We've found fun new ways to use up empty wine bottles this Diwali. Save them for lighting up your interiors with some string lights. All you must do is put the lights inside the bottle and close them with a corkscrew. Now you can simply place them on the table or by the side of the stairs to give classy lighting to the room. Try these Diwali Decor Ideas today.

6. Winding Lights on Trees

Courtyards can be made spectacular with light alone. In a garden, the pieces that work best to your advantage are trees and shrubs. The easiest way to decorate a garden is to mount string lights above the plants. An extension cord can help with lighting and the entire area will be transformed into a party-perfect setting. These are my all-time favourite Diwali home decoration ideas which my family will also like.

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7. Box Lights

Like we did with paper cups, different colours of light can be produced by using a small paper box as a lampshade on a white light. These boxes can be made by folding origami-way paper. All this is very easy to accomplish. Make small cuts across them and place them over the individual lights. The strings are ready to hang! Your friends will surely appreciate your Diwali decoration ideas that you have used for your home.

Paper lanterns and Diya’s can enliven the interior during the festive season. So let us now have a look at some innovative ways to make paper hangings to decorate the room. Obviously, all you'll need is coloured paper, scissors, glue, and some thread to hang them. Start decorating your home with these attractive Diwali decorations for home.

8. Paper Diya Hanging

Another most beautiful Diwali decoration ideas that you will surely love. Cut circular pieces of coloured paper to certain sizes and fold them twice, once along the diameter, and then in half. Now stick two such folded papers together to make a Diya. You can also put a flame over it to put an end to a burnt-out lamp. Stick the Diya’s on a thread and they are ready to be placed.

The Folded Accordion Lamp can be made so quickly by basically folding square pieces of paper. Glue the opposite ends of the folded paper and add the flame just like you do with the paper lamp above. So, if you are looking for amazing ideas for Diwali decorations then don't miss to try these Diwali decoration ideas at home.

9. Paper Coneflowers

Paper coneflowers can be excellent for decorating tables, floors, and doors. And they are super simple to craft. Make paper cones by folding square pieces of paper around them. Glue the ends of the sharpie to a circular cardboard sheet in a flower design. Paper coneflowers are all set to make your home smart with this Diwali home decorations.

10. Handcrafted Lampshades

Make beautiful lampshades for your Diwali lights with paper. Draw the desired pattern on a rectangular piece of paper and perforate it with a compass. Now fold the paper into a cylindrical structure and glue the ends together. Place it over the lamp so that the light comes out from the patterned puncture. Isn't this a beautiful Diwali idea for home, huh???

11. Quilling Paper Designs for Thali

Get colourful quilling paper and needles to decorate your plates in a special style. Make circular or oval shapes out of quilling paper and arrange them in beautiful patterns around the lights on your plate. You can even use these to decorate doors and windows!

Of course, bangles are familiar to us as jewellery! But you will be surprised to know the many ways to use bangles to decorate your home. Do try this wonderful Diwali decoration at home.

12. Wall Hangers

Like making a lampshade, making a bangle wall hanger requires you to glue the bangles together to form a circular shape. Now tie it with coloured satin ribbons and hang them on the walls, ceilings, or doors to enhance the beauty of the rooms. You can also simply tie them with ribbons and decorate your room with them. Save your money this year with the best Diwali decorations at home.

Tea lights are cheap and long-lasting lamps. They can either be placed on the floor within holders or made to float in bowls. Let's find out some fun new ways to make decoration ideas for Diwali at home with tea lights.

13. Wall Pieces

The sequins can be passed on thermocol board or thick cardboard sheets and hung on the walls.

If you want some top decorations for Diwali party, you can have big sheets of cardboard filled with sequins as wallpaper. They could also be used to decorate everyday objects such as bottles, mirrors, and utensils, which could then be used as centrepieces. So, in this festive season start doing home decor for Diwali.

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14. Pathway Decor

Mostly Rangoli is made from cut flowers. This time use whole flowers instead of just petals. Draw patterns on the floor along the paths and arrange flowers over them to make the final flower rangoli.

You can also arrange flowers in the shape of Ganpati to enhance the decor in front of the doors. This Diwali, brainstorm and discover innovative ways to make flower arrangements. Let your creativity loose. I personally love Rangoli and if you are one of them who are looking for Diwali decorations for home, then you are at the right place. This home decoration is great for Diwali idea.

15. Wineglass Lamps

Wine glasses can also be put for other uses such as decorating tables. Fill three quarter glass with water and put some beautiful flowers in it so that they remain submerged in water. Now place the tea light on top so that it is floating on the water. Light them up to create ambiance in the room. You can also add crystals or white pebbles to the glasses to make them more interesting. Share these decoration ideas for Diwali with your loved ones.

Hope all these tips and tricks are going to elevate your Diwali! Stay safe and enjoy the celebration in all its grandeur. Happy Diwali!!!!

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