20 Elegant Living Room Design Schemes to Complete Your Home

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Out of every room in your home, the living room interior design deserves the most attention. Like (or even more so) your kitchen, you spend hours on end, so it needs to be prepared for many activities. A comfortable sofa is important for family movie nights, a nice rug is essential for your little ones to play with, and great lighting is important for evening reading sessions. In other words, every detail matters.

We've rounded up our favourite living room ideas that are full of design inspiration. These elegant living room designs – which are also budget-friendly if you are looking to redo – will give you pointers to refresh your space or move on with a complete revamp. Whether you're working with a small living room or a large space, these design ideas will help get you on your way to creating the room of your dreams.

20 Living Room Design Ideas That Offer Endless Inspiration

1. Cool Gray

The airy living room in this 1920s Victorian home is full of style, thanks to designer Maureen Stevens. The space features Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl, which balances the centuries-old glossy white trim and coffered ceiling. You can take, help Interior Designers in Delhi so they can guide you through this process.

2. Versatile End Tables

Looking for a way to increase the functionality of your living room? Not only can the tables be easily moved around the space, but you can also use them as a work surface or a place to tackle the kids' homework. When they're not in use, stack books or flowers as you would with a traditional coffee table.

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3. Built-in Bookshelves

If you don't have a dedicated library, installing a built-in bookshelf in your living room is the next best thing. Keep a rolling ladder handy to make access to high shelves easier.

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4. Multipurpose Space

When it came to designing this living room, interior designer Heather Hilliard opted for a multi-purpose approach. This place is perfect for dealing with work, eating, fun, you name it.

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5. Classic Black-and-White

Lifestyle influencer Anna May Groves' Cincinnati home leans into a timeless black-and-white palette for her Cincinnati living room, complete with DIY geometric wall art.

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6. Graphic Walls

Spotty wallpaper paired with an emerald velvet sofa enlivens this living room setup by New York City-based designer Megan Hope.

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7. California Cool

Jacqueline Johnson, founder of Create and Cultivate, teamed up with interior designer Ginny McDonald to arrange this stylish black-and-white outdoor living room. The design is an extension of the interiors of her California home.

8. Striking Monochrome

If you prefer the monochrome look, you can find inspiration in this living room, which has Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray on the walls and fireplace.

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9. Rustic Flair

The design scheme of a white living room shines thanks to the wooden beams and decorative pieces that play up its rustic flair.

10. Shades of Mint

A living room is the perfect place to experiment with colour, and this colour space is proof. Various shades of mint green, from sofa cushions to curtains, create visual interest.

11. Collected Look

Achieve a collected look by displaying potted greenery, decorative trays, and a variety of pots on your mantel.

12. Colourful Light Fixture

Refresh a funky light fixture with a few simple coats of paint, round bulbs, and pom-pom fringe for a whimsical touch. Bold colours pull together the eclectic vibe of the overhead room.

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13. Streamlined Shelves

Upgrade your storage by removing jackets from old books (you can load up at yard sales) to pull up or cover your collection with coordinating papers.

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14. Tilted Mirror

For a relaxed mantel look, rest a sturdy style against a wall—no hammer required.

15. Lush Leaves

Fill any unused nook or corner with an oversized plant to make it the focal point of the room. Tuck the pot into a woven basket for an extra punch.

16. Give Your Home a Refresh!

Find great ways to get organized, uncluttered and decorate any room! These downloadable digital guides make it easier than ever to freshen up your home. Visit our store to find dozens of ideas from Good Housekeeping and our partner brands.

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17. Painted Brick

Update an old-school brick fireplace (or wood panelling) with a coat of cream-colored paint. Take that, '70s decor.

18. Soothing Palette

Let the vibes flow from room to room with another clever paint tip. "I often paint a house a single colour," says Susanna Simonpitri, interior designer, and co-founder of Chango & Co. Or I'll try the softest colour in the room that gets the most natural light, then work the rest of the house with darker shades of blue and gray."

19. Slate and Copper

Pair metal accents (we see you, the adorable end table) with traditional wood pieces to add depth and visual interest to your living room.

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20. Streamlined Screen

Don't let your primetime viewing habits hinder your style. "Go for a slim TV (mine's a Samsung) and use a slim mount that lets it sit flat against the wall," says lifestyle blogger Carly Knobloch. "Then wires have been threaded through the wall to make it look cluttered."

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